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Books we've loved in August, September and October

Peter and the Starcatchers Don't even think of starting this book unless you're sitting in a comfortable chair and have lots of time. Fast-paced, impossible-to-put-down adventure awaits as the young orphan Peter and his mates are dispatched to an island ruled by the evil King Zarboff. They set sail aboard the NeverLand, a ship carrying a precious and mysterious trunk in its cargo hold, and the journey quickly becomes fraught with excitement and danger.

The Bark of the Bog Owl the first of the Wilderking trilogy. This book captivated our family as we journeyed through the story of Aiden Errolson.  I guess you would call this a partial historical fiction, as it is a fantasy rendition of the story of David from the Bible.  We loved his journey and his call to make difficult decisions and choose honor and courage in the face of adversaries, including the King he is loyal to.

100 Cupboards If you liked Narnia, you'll like this series.  It has suspense and intrigue as you wonder …

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