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Homeschooling 7th, 6th, 4th, 1st and pre-K

Our lives jumped a bit this year with Karmin entering into the Challenge program through Classical Conversations.  Life stayed pretty much the same for the other kiddos.

Our weeks consist of: Monday: Get the day started around 9am...this is a day at home with morning routine of:
-Bible reading and discussion
-CC memory work
-Daily school work that varies for each child and I hope to have them finish by noon.
-I work with the younger ones while the older ones do independent work
-2pm (ish) - daily read aloud by me - this is my favorite time of the day when the kids trace maps or color and I get to sip a cup of coffee and read to them.   Tuesday: We have various classes with a homeschooling group of 160+ kiddos at a large church near by.
Wednesday: K goes to her Challenge A class and I take the younger ones with me in the afternoon where I provide childcare for parents who are in Classical Conversations.
Thursday - another day to stay home
Friday - normal morning routine with piano lessons …

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