A Journey of Homeschooling

A Journey of Homeschooling...

The big question? What exactly does our day look like?

Our homeschooling journey has been revolving around the classical model of education.  From the beginning when I had a Kindergarten, Pre-schooler, toddler and pregnant with baby #4 my goal was SIMPLIFY.  If a 16 year old could teach in a one room school house with multiple ages, then this should be easy for me.  I just needed to learn how to do this.

I had heard about Classical Conversations and purchased a Foundations guide. My oldest was 6.
This became the backbone of what I did with the kids. I didn't know what else to do and I didn't have the time to research out all the options.

We joined a Classical Conversations group and if I was lucky we worked on the memory work 3 times a week.  I also purchased little work books for my girls, Explode the Code was one of them.

I did NO formal writing with them.  I just couldn't. I was wiped out and tired.  But guess what! They created their own "books".  They stapled computer paper together and drew pictures and made books. I left them to their own creativity.  I knew that once 3rd and 4th grade came a long they would be stepping up a notch and have to have a curriculum to work through with assignments and grading and I just wanted them to enjoy what they were doing and play.

Let me just say my husband was uncertain.  We were public school kids growing up.  He wanted me to replicate a classroom and sit at a table for a certain time frame.  I resisted.  I didn't know about the Charlotte Mason method at the time, but it was similar to her methods of play/learning.  They have succeeded.  (I think) 🙂 They can read, write, complete arithmetic and show progress in their work.

 Now what we do looks more like school, as they have a list of things to do each day and a deadline for them to be completed.

How does our day work? On the days that we are home, this is what it looks like.

8-8:30 - I get up and make breakfast
9- 9:30 - we usually eat together and review our CC memory work, talk about the day and read a short bible story.  Sometimes we talk about other character building topics.

9:30-12pm - the older kids have their independent work and I work with the Kindergartner and the preschooler.  I also answer any questions the older kids have on their work and complete chores around the house.

By noon the 3rd grader is finished (hopefully).  The older two are required to finish by 4pm.  Between noon and 1pm we eat.  Between 1 and 2pm I try and read aloud to them.

4pm I begin to start dinner and 5:30 we usually eat.

Many times we have school in the evenings.  My husband works with the older two on their english grammar and writing.  And the 3rd grader reads to be once a week in the evening.

Life happens and adjustments are made. Sometimes you set schoolwork aside and have character building to be made.  However, generally this is our day at home.


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