Garden 2016

Planting time: May 15th. Planted 5x30 row of Green Beans, 
Same size of Corn. 12 cucumber plants 

Green Beans in late July. Had to replant them in June since many didn't germinate. Spent most of June weeding the garden daily for 20 min to a half hour.

The corn grew very well in July, but by mid-August they were looking dryer, as we chose to water the cucumbers and beans. Our well was showing signs that we needed to reduce watering and the corn paid the price.

We laid straw around our cucumber plants. This really helped with keeping moisture in and reducing weeds.

 Planted 10 tomatoes and they did really well. I processed 21qts and gave tomatoes to my mom to process as well. Had tomatoes well into September. In fact they began ripening around late August.

 Zucchini and some tomatoes.

 Pumpkin patch that needed more water than we could give.

Processed approx.

  • 40 qts of green beans
  • 30 qts of pickled cucumbers
  • 21qts of tomatoes
  • picked 1 watermelon
  • more zucchini than I can count
  • pickled 2 pts of beets
  • Corn wasn't picked at the right time and tasted old and chewy
Wished I had planted carrots, onions, beets and cabbage

Grew potatoes in 50 gallon garbage cans, still waiting to harvest them.


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