Legos in the Afternoon

October this year, Rose creatively comes up with the idea to make a Lego city in the living room.  They play well for a day, then they begin to argue who will decide to have a traffic light or a stop sign.  Rose wants to have a stop light and insists that since she created the game it will have to be her way.  I intervene and discuss with her the difference between a democracy and a dictator and how if she is a dictator her followers might decide to go to war with her.  
It was a fun discussion.  They eventually made a compromise to move Jesse to his own "plot of land" and he can have a traffic light.  However he has beach front property since he has the blue paper.  They begin to discuss who will have access to his beach front land, and I pipe in reminding them that beaches get filled with liter and need bathrooms and those bathrooms will need to be cleaned.  Who will take care of the maintenance and how will they pay for it.  It brought on a whole new discussion that was a lot of fun. :)


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