Cycle 3 week 1

This year in history we are learning about US History, beginning with Christopher Columbus.  So we created sailing vessels in honor Christopher Columbus sailing to the Carribean.

This was really fun using card board boxes that I found at the dollar tree (they were the packing boxes).  We used dowels for the mast, and tissue paper for the sails.  Traditionally the sea vessels had 4 masts and many more sails, but we didn't have time to do all those.  We hot glued our pieces together and had a great time reading the picture book about Christopher Columbus.

This was a great book for the kids.  It has beautiful illustrations.  "Columbus" by Demi

One person wrote about his book, "Demi turns her biographical and artistic skills to Christopher Columbus in this balanced recounting of his life, from a youth who felt "the call of sea" to the man who helped establish a European foothold in the Americas. The author doesn't underplay the difficulties of Columbus's multiple journeys to the New World: one characteristically detailed scene shows the bloody massacre of Spaniards by Taino Indians who were "angered by the way the Spanish had mistreated them." Writing that Columbus died "a magnificent failure," Demi's thorough account fully demonstrates how Columbus changed the world, both for good and ill. Ages 8-12"



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