Friday, Jan 25 - Thurs Jan 31, 2013

Saturday, Mark went to play in the snow above Hoodoo with the kids from our church. He came home sore. :) He also had a funny thing happen when he was getting gas for his pick-up. Jesse and James were with him and the young girl pumping gas was talking with James, in the process she asked Mark if these were his grand kids! He has a bit of grey in his goatee, so that was hilarious, he is turing 38 this year.

Mark's parents as well as Ben & Danae came down with a flu bug where they have been sick with a fever and body aches since Wednesday.

Shauna Purcell came over with the 2 girls because David was at a men's retreat. We had quesadillas for the kids and Shauna and I had a rice with black beans mixture of salsa, green onions, cilantro, balsamic and sour cream served with corn chips. That was yummy.

Jesse started coughing again.

Sunday we stayed home, then went to my parents house. Elisha and Jonathan stopped by too.
Mom made chicken and rice with green bean casserole and we had a Green lettuce salad.

Jesse coughed a lot during the night.
I just started the kids and I on vitamin D via cod-liver oil, Vit C in 200ml, Jesse gets mucalitic formula for his sinus congestion, homeopathic cough medicine. Astragalus, and colloidal silver.

Mark took James to the chiro for his adjustment on his sacrum. When he came home we took a look and it appears that one of his testicles has descended! Yay!

We had to do week 12 in our Classical Conversations curricula by ourselves because Tammie F. And Ben were still sick with the flu send the Tunstill's also came down with some kind of fever bug.

For dinner we are having curly noodles with butter & salt, meatballs and green beans.

Again Jesse coughed most of the day...I used homeopathic cough on him at night. It didn't work very well. Poor kid coughed on an off all night.

we stayed home, worked a bit on CC geography. Kids did school work. It was 50 degrees outside so we ran around the cul-de-sac. Jesse is not himself yet. He rode in the wagon.

We had London broil stir fry style with rice and broccoli.

I put Vicks vapor rub on Jesse's feet and he slept til mid-night then I applied more. I also put the vaporizer in the bedroom with teatree oil in it. Karmin was complaining of a sore throat.

It was a tough night for Luke and I, so Mark worked from home. Luke woke around 3 am very fussy. He had a fever. 101 ish
He would only sleep if I was rocking him in the chair where he was upright or if I carried him. I called the Ped's and spoke to a nurse, she asked if he had any symptoms of a cold. He doesn't. So she said give him Tylenol for the discomfort and if he isn't better by tomorrow to bring him in. I then called Dr. Shirk, I was reminded that Luke hasn't been having regular bowl movements, so we headed down there. I'm exhausted. Shirk adjusted him, he definitely needed it. He calmed right down during the adjustment.

Now at home I notice that he cries when he burbs. So I think that rules out teething, since teething can bring on fevers. He still doesn't want to lay flat. What is odd is Jesse has a cough, but no fever. No one in the family has s fever.

Luke turns 4 months old today.

Luke came down with pink eye in the evening, both eyes. His sleep was restless. His fever spiked at 104.5. Some doctors say that this is a good thing. I avoided Tylenol and gave him Belladonna. His fever came down, and he is eating regularly as well as had 2 bowl movements.

I put Vicks on jesse's feet again before he went to bed. He woke at midnight, coughing a bit, but then it subsided.

We had fried rice, ginger chicken breasts, and broccoli, sautéed onions & mushrooms for dinner.
I really like broccoli and so do the kids.

Mark worked from home while I went to the Ped. Saw Dr. Frothingham, my least favorite Dr. Luke's temp was down to normal. I think it was the belladonna. Dr. Said that he thinks homeopathic medicine is a waste and you might as well be drinking sugar water. I gathered info from him regarding his opinion but, I was in no way prepared for a debate since I don't know enough about homeopathic to discuss it, however I have used the products and found the cough medicine to be the only product that worked for me when I last had a cold. Maybe I should have told him that...
On to Luke, he wasn't concerned about the fever, nor that it had spiked so high. He felt it was related to the pink eye infection and felt that he looked well.

Jesse is continuing to cough on and off during the day. Still a runny nose. James has a bit of a runny nose too.

We are having chicken soup for dinner, with homemade biscuits.

Luke seems to be feeling better!


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